Rainbow Ryders Surfboard

Okay, I picked up a beat up Rainbow Ryders single fin surfboard today for a really good deal. A quick google search comes up with some other nice looking boards as well as skateboards and hot air balloons. Upon a quick glance there doesn’t appear to be any signature. Does anybody have any info on this brand? It looks to me like it might be along the same lines as the veriflex skateboard brand back in the day: sold in sporting good stores and whatnot. Anyway, I never heard of the label and so I figured I’d grab it. I’m sure this doesn’t have any monetary value as a collector piece, I’m more interested in the history. Thanks in advance. Pics coming soon.

She ain’t pretty and she isn’t worth anything but she’s a 70s single fin so I’m happy with that. I sanded off some of the nasty paint as well as removed some old gunky wax. There was a large repair in the middle of the board (hence the paint) which was originally white. You can see some of the white poking through. Eventually, I will remove all of the red paint from the repair and fix her up. Unfortunately no signature. Fortunately, the fin box is in good condition: no stress cracks. I really like the shape of the tail.