ran out of fiberglass

Whilst laminating my third board, the top layer of 7 oz Volan on the deck got all screwed up and i had to take it off. Seeing as how the bottom layer was more or less wetted out i just went ahead and laminated the single layer on top. I hotcoated the board but my question is this: Should i just leave the one layer of 7oz Volan or glass on a second layer, or maybe just a deck patch. The blank is the heavier foam weight of the stock Clark blanks, and i shaped very little off the top. I weigh about 180. The baord seems real solid with just the one layer on top. I have heard that once a board is laminated, it really doesn’t add any strength to add additionla layers of glass…it only adds weight without any real structural support. Your advice is most appreciated!!!

Since you have hotcoated the board already, I would just leave it at that. You would have to sand your hotcoat way down and even at that the weight would still be there. I would not even put a deck patch on. Ride the board and after about 3 months check for golf balling. Knee dents, butt dents or heal dents. Sand down the area where the dents are and stack come 4 oz glass into the area. Use Sanding resin and fill that dents. Sand them down and gloss if you wish. This will make the dents less likely to delam, and keep the weight down. Good luck.

if durability is a concern…? then dont skimp on the glass put another Layer whats a coupla pounds unless you just want to ride a light board to the board sacrifice festival held by the conspicious waste society of the western hemisphere… think not of yourself but of the third owner kid who’s father has to patch the board because she loves it so much… ambrose … is that a sunspot?