Random Nerdy thought that won't get out of my head

Bring on the cool aid. Stingray will get that.

Water is a polar molecule right?
(this means it has a positive and negative end, based on the extra time electrons spend close to the Oxygen molecule and not the Hydrogen atoms)
The ions in salt water are charged partials right? Positive and negatively charged particles due to an imbalance in electrons and protons.

There are all these things marketed to make boards faster, like nano tune and such.

What about a tiny ultra high frequency alternating current, that can somehow be sent though the lamination of the board.

Be almost like a shark shield, or attractant hahaha.

But if you could make it fluctuate fast enough the water molecules and the ions in the slat water would be both attracted then repulsed from the lamination of the board, therefor making it hydroplane or at least effect the hydro dynamics of the board on a molecular level.

Yes i know its WAY overthinking it.
Yes, im guessing there isn’t a resin that is a effective electrical conductor but lets pretend we are 100 years in the future and nano technology means its possible and Trumps head is floating in a brine solution telling a robot how to run the planet…


Skipper-- you gotta do as aqua says and ‘Get outta the lab’. All the heavy lifting will tweak a mind muscle and cause a brain fart. You could be laid up for weeks. Might even require brain surgery or electro shock… Better to get out there and get some sun and salt on your back. Put your head in a barrel or two. Lowel

worth a reply. keep thinking. I think water is too viscous to allow any benefit from electrical current. maybe one day someone will put the money to this and reduce it to a fact. maybe some university already has.

Flux capacitor? Lol

I used to build R&D widgets for Nasa and the like. Worked a lot with nana tech, heat displacement, conductivity.

Used to formulate our own resin to be optimal electrical conductors when needed. - no super difficult - NOT SUPER CHEAP!

If you put enough volts through water (not many) it splits it. Meaning the hydrogen and oxygen separates and turns into gas and is released as bubbles. Maybe if you could somehow do this, the water would just bubble up from the bottom. Less water on rails makes for ease of turning? Less friction?

When I release methane in the tub, it too makes bubbles.


surfed for 3 hours yesterday in some lovely 3 footer, clean as a bean and clear water. pulled into about 10 barrels in the dawn to breakfast time slot, slipped out of about half a dozen of them.
Got hoots from other dudes, where do you think the idea has been fermenting, inside my head between waves…

If you can pull into and exit that many barrels; What do you need electricity for?? Or are you just trying to help out those of us that are a bit slow??

While it sounds good sk8t, it does not really work that way. (TMI: water is covalently bonded, not ionically – but the bonds are partially negative and partially positive).
As I recall from high school chemistry, pure water is not a good conductor of electricity. You need to add electrolytes (salts) for it to conduct well.
Splitting water with electricity into hydrogen and oxygen (electrolysis) is not that simple. I believe the right electrolyte is needed.

I’ll quit before the resident science haters put out their pheromones and the hive starts swarming…

“It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave. And keep on thinking free…”
In the Beginning – Moody Blues

i feel the need

the need for speed.

come to think of it Mcding would be a cool top gun call sign…

i guess all i can say is my mind wanders in mysterious ways, no one else gets it.
so i had to share it on the one place i could and that’s here, thanks for the thoughts,

And yep i know about covalent v’s ionic bonding.

if the polarity of water can be used for capillary action??? but that’s on a super small scale of attraction.

Good on you Ad.
No way of knowing if you don’t think it through and the future may hold a great result.
At worst its a mind exercise that strengthens your ability to reason.

Water can split if you hook up two pieces of metal to a power supply and stick them in a jar of water. It takes less than 8 volts. I work for a water desalination company and we deal with stuff like this a lot. It really doesn’t produce that many bubbles though so it’s probably not the best idea to go off of haha

Are you placing the elctrodes in pure water or water with some “salt (electrolyte)” in it.
If you put electrodes in water containing dissolved table salt (NaCl), you will get Chorine gas (toxic).

when we did this I believe we used tap water. So it wasn’t pure, but still had other stuff in it. Our tap water here in san clemente isn’t the best haha

thanks man