Ranting About Styrene...

Well kind of. And I know this one has been discussed before but anyway. Just finished gluing some polystyrene blanks up and have started pre shaping a couple. By the way, no wood, it just gives me a clear line to mark my fins up to. So far, nice! Even though making your own blanks from styrene is nothing new I can’t help but wonder how much longer it’s going to be before even more surfboard manufacturers start making their own blanks. Also is styrene petroleum based? As far as I am aware epoxy isn’t so how long will it be before polyester catches up price wise? One thing I also didn’t realise is that Cobra makes there own foam. Not that this has a lot to do with smaller custom board manufacturers. But the cost for me to make a blank myself was close to a third of what I would pay for a polyurethane one. Urethane seems to be adsorbing more resin than the styrene I am using at the moment as well.

The only question for me now is how will it perform? As I haven’t finished it yet that’s a tad hard to say. But if it goes well then that’s it for me and urethane. By the way if anyone wants to buy a hotwire foam cutter instead of trying to make one themselves then you might want to check out this link. http://hotwirefoamfactory.com/home.php?cat=103. They mail order internationally as well. No doubt mass acceptance will not occur until the pros start riding EPS/epoxy but I think I’m about to convert.

It ALL comes out of an oil well. You’ll see the prices of resin and EPS foam fluctuate with the cost of a barrel of oil.

I pretty much only make my own EPS blanks. Not only is the cost of the blanks more, but for me to get a urethane blank to where I am is quite a bit more added to the cost. I would still like to try a few some time to see the difference; especially a better finish for color work. Maybe someday.

MY friends and I like the performance, but none of us are total rippers, but intermediates.

That’s quite a bit of coin for a hotwire though… it real easy to make one if you have a few tools and some wood lying around.