Rasping EPS ???

I just searched the data base about this topic and nothing came up. I was just looking at a website who makes and sells EPS blanks. It show pics of the shaping process at different stages and seen one of a shaper who was rasping the rails. I had no idea you could rasp EPS. Would you need a special cutter or is there a certain technique to not tear or rip the foam?

For 1# EPS go slowly with sharp blades especially near the nose, tail and thin areas. #2.4 EPS and denser is pretty much like a PU blank.


look up sabs’s thread on wire brush technique.

it’s a hollywood secret

also 36 grit belt sander belt cut and stapled to a 2’ long 2x4 works wonders

try a surform with a “Microplane” blade

what web site?



here is the pic of the shaper with the surform: http://www.sfoam.com/images/miscImages/gallery/SurGritWide.jpg

hey, personally I find the sureforms tend to tear big chunks out of eps, quite possibly due to my technique rather than the tool, but i prefer to go to canadian tire and get a wood rasp (single metal tool @8" long rough grade on one side fine grade on the other, looks like a file). works really well and doesn’t tear eps. I actually get two one for the blank and one to use to sand rails while the hotcoat is still not too hard, works very well and saves a lot of sanding.


saw your boards on eastcoast surf, looks good

Here’s some options

You want to get serious about rasping foam then you need to check these guys out.


You want something made for PU and EPS foam then check these things out


here’s a bunch of other cheap dustless solutions for drywall sanding that you can use on EPS with 30-50 paper or screens

cheap!.. and dustless!


Get these!!! http://shapersaustralia.com/category5_1.htm They work UNREAL!!! The guys at Shapers Australia are soo cool, they threw in some free ones when I ordered the profile machine (a serious life saver when working with EPS and post-Clark hurry upped warp blanks). One of those “I don’t know how I worked without it?” tools. I didn’t check your location, but they ship to me in Florida pretty darn fast and cheap.

Thanx for the props shoelessPat. I am just a beginner and have alot to learn, Im just a hobbyist at it. My first board wasnt too pretty looking but it works great and is rock solid!((never use spackle!)) Wow I never knew you could work EPS that way. Ill be doing some experimenting for sure this weekend! Thanx for all of youre replies guys!

One of my favorite tools is a rasp. I use to take the foam down fast. It leaves a really rough surface, so you need to go over it after with sandpaper or something else to get a nice finish. I do compsands, so I’m not as concerned about getting a super smooth finish. I also use blocks of foam and need to cut it down quite a bit. If I started with a partially shaped blank, I wouldn’t need the rasp.

My main tool is a 2"x4"x24" block of wood with a piece of belt sander 50 grit media stapled to it. Just cut a belt where the seam is and staple that to the block. Keep it as tight as you can to make a cleaner finish. You can have several of these in different grades, or even have vees and arcs cut into the wood to get different shapes. For those I have handles attached so I can keep the block running straight up and down. You’d be surprised what you can do with just a belt and no wood, and they last a lot longer than sandpaper. Drywall screen is good for the smooth finish, or a big sponge or foam and sandpaper.