Rasta Run


I had heard rumors about him riding this wave on a mat and making a speed run from way up around the corner and going many hundreds of yards…this footage confirms he at least got some good ones.


Wow, he’s flying!

That DOES look like fun!

When out on a mat you can’t help but laugh and smile, no matter what the conditions are!

TRUE !! :wink:

I just got given one for my birthday / Christmas present , now "Phileas " has gone to Queensland !


Do not ride mats, mats suck they will ruin your surfing…

caught 4 for my xmas gift
mopped and swept
the house
walked to the beach
sat as one after another
rode to shore
blew up the mat
sox on fins
paddled out thinkin’
of dale,the last kid out
was riding the board
I made his family
in 2003, 14 years 4 months old.
rasta wasnt using swim fins
truly an aquatic athlete.
… ambrose…