re: "chipfish/chipfins61"

hi !

just a [fairly] short ‘note’ , to let you all know…

due to financial restraints [increased rent , cost of living , and bills] , I will unfortunately have to cease my swaylocks involvement.

the money i have spent on transport to the internet cafe , pay-by-the-hour computer usage [not to mention buying and developing film , and burning discs!] needs to be spent on food , instead [i am down to 62kgs [136lbs] at present. Computers are , for me, an expensive luxury , whereas food is a NECCESSITY !]

I also owe many here fins , so the computer use money could be put to use buying a grinder and a jigsaw , so i can finish the fins , and post them . my apologies to those who have waited so patiently.

I have enjoyed the MANY hours i have spent here [previously as ‘chipfins61’]…uploading , resizing ,. editing , and posting photos [these were all new skills for me to learn] , and replying to posts and private messages. i also feel like i learnt a fair bit from others posts while here . thanks.

As I have made what i would consider to be [?“invisible”??] friends here , i’d like to continue to stay in touch [via ‘snail mail’?] with those who have generously sent their addresses and great things …thanks…to me during the …YEEEGGGADDDS !!! Is it REALLY FOUR years i’ve been here ?!


my best wishes to you all, fellow swaylockians / “swayaholics”

May there be good waves , good health , good vibes , good boards [and fins] and good times to you ALL !!

Please continue to share your STOKE !!

Your sincerely / truly

ben , scarborough beach, west australia

p.s. - anyone who has changed their address in the last six months , please send me your new one for fin sendings

p.p.s. - lastly , a BIG “THANKS” to my mate , for generously letting me type this …cheers !!

You’ll be missed mate, but when things get better for you I hope you’ll come back…

I’ll give you a call on the weekend…

Take care


Eat, fatten up a bit, then come on back. I’ll write via snail mail, too. Mike

[=Blue]Aloha Ben

Sorry to hear. If you were closer I would give you one of the old desktop computers sitting around here unused and waiting for a good home. Don’t stay gone too long…

That makes me a little sad, Chip.I lurked for years, but when I finally did create an account here , it was you who took the time to send me a PM welcoming me.

Couldn’t some of the WA guys put some money in a hat and get you an old banger computer ? Some perfectly serviceable ones can be had nowadays for quite reasonable money.

Anyway take care and come on back.

136lbs? Yikes Ben. Better eat and stay in surf shape IMO. As he slips into the abyss… he waves goodbye…

Aloha brother!


Always look out for #1! Take care of your needs! If there is anything we could do to for you, just give a shout!!!

PM me your mail adress I’ll send you silly postcards from holland!!

Take care man!!!

I’m sorry this is not good enough . Sways and Chips are as inseparable as fish and chips. Surely the Aussie spirit must come through and help out a mate . Maybe good old fashioned bartering some fins for a second hand computer. For me Chips encapsulates the spirit of Swaylocks and the site will be dwarfed with his absence -all 136lbs of him .Hoping this is not the end



dont tell me for the last 4 years you’ve been driving to an internet cafe every night.

i find it hard to believe chipfish…

ill miss your photo’s…

and your constantly changing avitar!

the world is crushing me at the moment too…

im sure we’ll see ya soon… your an addict!!!

Ben, you will be missed man! thanks for all the help you have given me and everyone else here. it has really made a difference with my boards. hopefully we will hear from you in the future! -Cam

Hiya Chipper,

Is it the PC or the internet connection that’s the problem?


you better look after your self dude. Life for all of us is getting tighter and tighter.

Since I’ve been hanging here you have epitomised what Sways and surfing in general is about (for me anyways). It’s been a larf mate.

I’ll drop you the odd letter (they’re all odd) and look into the postage on a spare jigsaw I have hanging about… Strongly suspect the postage would be about 10 times what the jigsaw’s worth though.

I’ll drop you some pics from N. Devon and Cornwall when I go down next. Take care mate…and as you said “spend less time on internet wankery” (classic Chipper signature)

Dude, before you go; if you have a phone number PM me.

Peace brother!!

P.S. Go eat something for f*cks sake!

OK Chip’s got something that hardly anyone has…

Custom made fins…

He puts these together in his own time and uses what resources are available to him…

How about making him an offer on a set that he’s already done. I’m sure he’s got heaps…

You pay for postage…

He’s sent free fins around the world from his own pocket, now’s the time to repay the favour…

PM me or Ben and find out what he’s got, I’ll phone him on the weekend and set things up…

Ben, you are a core surfer. Don’t lose focus. Come up for a roast or two or three. I’ll pick you up and drop you off home. That’s what mates are for.


An offer I cannot refuse, Chipper originals

I want fins, check your PM Grant…

This is really sad. I don’t post much but Ben’s always been really helpful to me. I’ve got some fins to finish this week that I’d PMed him about and promised to post photos of. Could someone PM me his postal address? and I’ll send him them the old fashioned way. Thanks. Tom

WTF No Way, I know I’ve not been checking in so much recently - seems to me the place has changed a bit over the last yr or so,

I’ll miss ya mate, I will write soon and send a burrtio in the post.

Take care buddy


i am truly sorry to hear that you will not be with us for the time being, and hope that you return quickly. i pm’d you a few months back and you were kind enough to mail me several fin templates. i just wanted to let you know that those 6 templates you sent, and your many posts on your creations were the catalyst for my interest in fin making.

you may not see this reply, but i felt the need to express my gratitude for your kindness and creativity. you will be missed.


We need you Ben

“share the stoke”

Someone please PM me Ben’s address.


Talked to ben this morning. Sounds like he’s going to be busy making fins for a while!.

Stingray, check your pm.

" …I also owe many here fins , so the computer-use money could be put to use buying a grinder and a jigsaw , so i can finish the fins , and post them . my apologies to those who have waited so patiently…."

hi again crew !

okay , the grinder and the jigsaw have been purchased , i have cloth and will buy more resin in the next few weeks , and in the last few days , i’ve been getting a few fins finished off and posted [ finally !!]

again … thanks everyone for your patience

so , if i’m on here even less nowadays , you’ll know why …



[ and , i’ll write ocassionally to those who were kind enough to send me their postal addresses ]

the money is being constructively redirected to finwork and postage costs

i hope you enjoy them , crew !!


 ben chipper , 


west australia 6019