re-glossing a ding repair

Hello, what would be the best way to bring the gloss back on a fixed ding. I’m really good at fixing any ding I get on my boards but wind up with a sanded finish. Its so annoying to have a good repair that solid but not glossed.


Wet sand the ding area up to 600 grit, lightly extending a bit outside of it, then rub with some toothpaste (excellent polish compound) then polish either with a wool bonnet on your sander or by hand with some woolen cloth and a lot of elbow grease…

Just one extra step, you only need to sand the ding with 100-120 grit, tape off and gloss the ding area the same way as you do the hot coat, sand the edges down before polishing up.

If you haven’t got gloss resin add and extra 5-10% styrene and double the amount of wax solution in the mix.

If you haven’t got a rubbing compound to polish, use pearl drops tooth paste and some elbow grease, and a little marien liquid wax,

a little extra work but well worth it.

Hi Balsa

Sorry, that reads like I’m trying to contradict you, It just took a while to type and you jumped in there before I had a chance to hit the send button.

Hey Woody, no offense my friend. And it seems like I forgot a few things anyway… As we say: “L’union fait la force”…

It’s time to experiment with acrylic floor finish…

Balsa and Woody have it right.


I found out about acrylic floor finish and I am quite amazed. On a sanded finish board sand to 150 or 220. Two coats of floor finish and lightly scuff with a scotch brite pad. Perfect blend. Play around with it you’ll see.

For a fake gloss coat sand to 600 or finer. 3 or 4 coats of floor finish. might need buffing might not.

It’s all in the sanding. Ask the jantior for a cup of the stuff. It’s less than $15 a gallon and a gallon will last you a life time.

I know it sounds crazy but I’ve done complete boards with the stuff. Use 6"x6" pieces of old white tee shirt to apply. Let it dry completely before applying the next coat.

Have fun , catch some waves for me because I’m working overtime today


…floor finish is good ONLY when you do the job…

…after several use will be not to look so well…