Re: Rookie Expoxy Question *NM*

How much resin are you using for what sized board? Too much additive F might over thin the resin perhaps. Gary

I’m using 9 oz for each side of the hot coat. There is enough resin that it drips off all around. And afterwards, I’m still seeing a little weave here and there. I’m pretty sure its something stupid I’m doing. Perhaps I am using too much Add F. Greg Loehr, you out there?

Greg, When using 6 oz. I usually do a bit of presand to knock the weave down so I get a better hot coat. Also my suggested amounts are just suggestions. Maybe you need to lighten up on your brush stroke pressue too. Let it flow a bit more and don’t force the resin to cover so much. If you need a little more to thicken the hot coat so it comes out smoother…

what is Expoxy?

Greg L, thanks. I know I have been scrapping harder than I should, trying to get a lighter board. There obviously is a trade off between minimizing the resin during the lam process and having to put it back on with extra hot coat. I went back and read the archives and most of the good stuff you’ve posted through the years. The info on avoiding frothing was the big tip off. From this thread and the old stuff, I think I know what to do now. Also, I’m going to try flipping the board over during the lam process (using aluminum foil to keep from sticking to the rack, which I have discovered works), dressing up the bottom of the rail lap (perhaps with a little extra resin) then flipping it back over to cure. I’m thinking that if the flats are wet but not dripping, and if I hurry and if I’m lucky and if the stars and moon line up, I could end up with a first class thoroughly wet lap. Or a mess. I’ll let ya’ll know.

Sometimes when my laps come out a bit dry (because I was skimping too much on my mix) I’ll come back with a small batch and paint the resin on the laps with a 1" chip brush. Works great. I also have a “lap rack” which is 6’ tall and sits right next to my regular lam rack. After I’m done with the flats, I put the board up on the high rack and clean the laps. I get much better quality and besides, I’m to old to bend over that much anymore.