Re: Sanding Gloss

I dry sanded using 400 and 600. I’ve got nasty scars where it looks like the paper loaded and smeared or cut the plastic. If you don’t wet sand how do you avoid this?

Try slowing the rpms of your sander,(buy a speed control if you have to).If you run the machine to fast it will heat up the resin.Use a rubber sanding belt cleaner to rejuvinate the paper,this is like an eraser that you hold on the disc with the machine running and they are cheap.Hand cut your paper so the edges have little points versus perfectly round…it prevents swirl marks (A great trick by Rob Brown wherever he is).There is tons of stuff on this in the archives. R.B.

For another application I heard that applying Pam ™ to the surface before sanding keeps the gunk from gumming up. Pam is the stuff the grocery store sells to keep your tortillas from sticking to the frying pan. I’m gonna try it, but not for a while. I would add some Pam to the sandpaper, and re-spray periodically.

I use German FESTOOL dust extraction system with said sander - does the same job minus all the itchies as well !

Howzit Noodle, A little dish soap also works.Aloha, Kokua