re : Tom Weggener...

What movie was it again , that Tom Weggener was in recently ?

Was it ‘Sprout’ ?

‘The state of S’ ?

Does he ride this wooden fish in either of those ?

 I'd be keen to see it in action.... 


p.s. - does anyone know when / if they will be released on D.V.D. in Australia, if the films don’t come here ?

thanks for any help…

Yes it’s sprout.

also in Siestas and Ola’s

Ben. “Lines From A Poem” by Nathan Oldfield is another realese that Tom Wegener is in. He is riding one of his wooden longboards. Also a section on the building of the wooden boards.platty.

yo ben. how nice does that outline look in shot#2!!

that’d be fun at maybe 5’8" !!, amazing how a 3D inanimate object can make you so exicted. just looking at those shots just makes me want to pull out my databook and start plotting fins