Re-unlurkering, and thanks sways

Hi. I’m not new to swaylocks, I first unlurkered about three years ago while constructing my first couple of boards, and used to check in lots to see what was goin on. I was around when the bert post hit town. My 6th and last of the old series (until two days ago) was a balsa compsand hybrid-fish-thingy… and I never did a write-up. well life got a little topsy, if not downright turvy for a bit, I moved, got a small room dedicated to shopspace, had no time to use it, didn’t really focus on boardbuilding for a while except for a low spark of background preparation, trying to work around space and cleanliness issues, into girlfriend (now ex), working alot, etc.

I finally got together what I had planned as far as setup, read up on the latest dope in the archives, got a window this spring when the surf fell apart (san francisco) and work lightened up, and just finished my second compsand. I am SUPER stoked on how it came out, and feel now that I am done and letting my hands heal up from all the cuts, cramps, aches, burns, shooting pains, and fiberglass splinters, I might as well do some overdue posting to pay back some of what I’ve been given. (I’ll do a thread for the most recent first, then write up the older one) If it weren’t for sways, you could throw 20 pounds each of balsa, fiberglass, EPS, Epoxy resin and hardener, and a few vent plugs and fin sets, into a room full of howler monkies, and they would undoubtedly come up with one of these boards before I would. So thanks so much to everyone for contributing to a great site, and particularly to those who run it.

one stoked backroomer

Well its good to know my memory isnt failing (yet!).

Yeah Ive been wondering about you and your blue boards.

Welcome back.