I just came from the Evolution site. What happened to Wayne Lynch??? It looks like theyre still selling his shapes, but no mention of his name as designer- shaper. Did they suck his best ideas into a CNC software program? After that, no further need of Lynchie. Beware shapers! Whats the truth?

Madison Ave. shot the monkey.

I heard he left about a year ago. Apparently the deal went sour. That was the word on the street and I don’t have particulars.

O.K. I"m startin a rumor about a reverse conspiracy… all the shapers got together and shaped really KRAPPY boards to submit to the mass market guys to copy on purpose because they knew they would eventually screw em anyhow…do you think the C.E.O.s will get paranoid? will they start shaping them themselves?yea because they know all the shapers “personally” and they have the templates and their boards ride just as good especially when you glue a quarter on the tailblock to adjust the imbalance in the J-200 series from Portugese Macau oooh I can see the distrust welling up in their eyes. Thinking about those nare-do-wells out there smiling having fun spending the $3.85 hey got paid for the Krappy designs they intentionally sold ‘em. Then the Krappy board price wars of christmas 2003 when all the mega facturers are overstocked with Krappy boards Then nobody will want to be seen with one… guys from Boron will buy em at Walmart (in all respect) somebody will throw twenty of em off a cliff for a humor sequence in a movie and get an academy award lifetime achievement banquet roast and a twenty page autobiographical article in the Saturday Evening Post detailing their contribution to the total renovation of aqua sports into a sedentary spectator activity watching gladiators push each other around and the loser get their board thrown off a cliff at Haggerty’s… Mean while back at the cove , seven kids are the last ones at the fire the sun is going down they see a shadow take off at the point . "I didnt know any body was out " davy spits into the fire. " I saw him walking out over the rocks as i was coming in"garlo turns arround to warm the seat of his half dried shorts. " Kippy is that your dad? " Pylip pushes Kippy at the shoulder "I dont know "…kippy is shorter than the res o’ the 7 graders. " Kippys dad is smoothe"Andre says authoritativly. "yeah!“coughs up grumpy Greg " he’s still the last one out , he made the wave all the way to the shore break,and he’s paddling out for another one”. A rock pops next to the fire pit,all seven jump and start talking about food and girls then cap on each others fall off’s, the sun flashes an unnoticed green behind them as the waves make apparent the pulse and breathing cycles of this special planet. HEY ya know …its nice standing arround the fire with you guys I gotta go to sleep see ya… dont pass on the "rumor "unless you change it a little to make it a little more funny…

hey ambrose-- dont stop the story–

Hey, That last guy out was Wayne Lynch himself!! Still going! Aloha , Edge Fins

yep wayne an you an me an grumpy an sneezy an shoe an al an gup an root an bud rue an bill the fireman an wongie an all the deceased spirits that are still nutureing the ocean’s love that has been invested whithin them " That " no commercial enterprise can dilute for mass consumption . Chuck Yara an Felix Seidler an Quentin Traveres an Frankie Freitas an Charlie Sava but really that guy was John Scott.

Ya think John Scott still feels bad about that photo of Stockton Ave? you know the one they comicbook made into a best selling poster? How’s Kapaa?

I just wanna know that john gets an occasional wave satisfaction fix to aid his sensetivity. Stocton avenue is an old spilt milk story thee milk has long since dried and washed away…With the tide of humanity surging world wide . Monterey bay attention in the media probobly makes him feel worse but ’ that ’ responsibility rests on the shoulders of others in the media and promotion industries bless their mortal souls. .Kapaa is swell . its a mile and a half away and getting closer every day… its eight ten p.d.t. … thats john switchin foot off the ppoint the tide’s perfect the swells perfect and the only publisher represented distribtes on the trans -telepathic soul surf dog network awooooooo goooooooo john and theres only 7 kids on the beach and an old guy sittin with the ancestors up in the rocks … Sam Reid though I did’nt know ya I still owe ya an the picture bones an lunvhmeat gave me is in the book downstairs .