Reading a thread, come back and 20 aisan posts in a matter of 5 Min. Can't something be done about this? it is ruining this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m on here several times most every day and every night, if there’s any spam I delete it. The spambots can dump a lot of crap in a few seconds, but it only lasts until I show up. Then it goes bye bye as fast as it showed up. Thanks to Mike Paler it no longer takes an hour every time :slight_smile:

and oh yeah, I pm’d you the huck hot line to text me next time you spot an infestation!

Posting limits (like once a day) and Captcha type protocols (first 10 posts) for new members until they are proven to be here for the forum, not for their own spam.
PS Thanks to Mr. Paler and the mods for all their efforts, would like to see them NOT have to react daily to spam.

We don’t have to look at the posts. Probably from the Chinese board making companies that we all say bad things about.
Just think of it as a group of idiots in the lineup, or on the road. Navigate around them.
Running a website is very difficult these days. My kudos to all the people working to keep this site up and free for us to use. If there was a fee, it may deter some of this, but it would also make things more complicated for Mike.

SOmetimes i just feel like get on to each one and typing F off but i know they would only be worse then, ha
but its just a thought every now and then.

Can’t you force new members to fill out a Bio and be approved by a moderator before they post?

There’s got to be a way to block this crap… …come on Site owners…time to kick it up a notch…
Thanks Huck

What Ray says!

Its killing this place.

Rigth now going on in hot seat.

“Can’t you force new members to fill out a Bio and be approved by a moderator before they post?”

“There’s got to be a way to block this crap… …come on Site owners…time to kick it up a notch…”

Thanks Huck, ditto

Sunday 2-19-17
More stuff. Please cut them off. Please

Just kidding , thanks for cleaning it up Huck ! nice to log in and see posts:)

I am glad these annoying Asian spam threads are easier for HucK to remove, but why are they so predomnant on this site as opposed to any other forum?

Looks like another barrage is occuring now.

It is annoying, and while All I do is back out and not return for a while, what I find more annoying is not being able to zoom this site on my smart phone. The first page or alst page is easy to pull up, but page 2 or 3, No matter how precisely I pres the 2, or 3, impossible.

Ive removed the swaylocks bookmark on my phone, as that is better than throwing my phone and cursing whan I can’t read a thread, or if there is only one word per line when quotes of quotes are used.

How special is that ! Any way to filter out Asian writing on posts? Then we’d at least get spam we can read.


lol good one Bill

The posts are automatic from robots which search the web for vulnerable sites. People (arseholes) pay other people to make these robots and create the spam adverts. In China, like India, life was so bad at one point, having to eat dogs and worse during Mao that this encouraged survival mentality… Which is why we see bad behaviour from some of them. It’s similar with India and the millions who died there in combination with the high population density. If you didn’t do stuff like this, you starved.

I use a lot of forums and it has meant a plethora of responses to block it. ReCaptcha is a free service. I see a lot of extra questions in the sign up - the robots are a marvel of design so those have to be difficult… Sometimes they become too difficult for humans too… I prefer it outsourced.

I don’t know what forum software this is. I don’t recognise it. If I knew I could recommend something and how to get it working

Edit, to add:
I really like the boutique nature of online forums. It’s different to a mega site like, say, reddit. For a start, forums like this get censored less - with reddit one forum got the whole thing banned in multiple countries.
The other aspect is that you have a subject around a specific website so it’s more… Boutique? It’s nice.

Spam sunk the tree2sea forum. It was just too much for the person running it to battle. They led to the woodboardforum but that process split the community up.
Personally I registered months ago on the French board making forum and it looks like I’ll never have my account approved because it’s fully manual and I’m getting no response. This is a shame as they discuss digital design there more.
Meanwhile the compsand Forum is dead and the board building subreddit has about 1 new post every few months.

I wouldn’t want swaylocks to go the same way but it could.
While you can make a new forum, it’s difficult to replace the people that visit

You guys act like you pay to access this site. It’s FREE and it’s not really that big of a deal spam is gone in hours . Besides no topic here is really that life changing. …

kookie - I used to moderate tree to sea but somehow got blocked due to a glitch. If I coulda gotten in I would have kept the spam out. If you know Rich the site owner tell him to contact me via swaylocks if he wants to start cleaning up his forum again.

Thanks for all your hard work Huck.