Real Rick

Got a resto to do but I am not sure if its a real RICK, logo looks like it may be a fake…any input

It looks like a fake!

looks like Rick Surfboards changed their logo many times…

I think I saw that board on Craigslist here in Jersey, what the hell did someone do to that fin!?1

I kind of doubt it is a fake. Who would bother to build a fake Rick in 1968 or 1969? Names like Cosmic Vehicle were very popular then.Just look at the Rick logo. Is it a laminate under the glass or a sticker on top? If you sand off all the black around the fin, I think you will find a Waveset fin box with a newer fin glassed in. That was commonly done after the original plastic fin broke.

The Cosmic Vehicle was introduced in 1971. A very popular board at the time. It’s not a fake! If the board is from NJ it probably came from the shop just over the causway on LBI, or the shop in Normandy Beach. I use to get my boards from the shop in Normandy. I can’t remember the name of either shop, but they were both connected in some way.

Most likely we are talking about two different RICK Surfboards. My friend that has an old vintage 60’s longboard that has a completely different logo. I’ll take a picture of it next time I’m in this shop. This is on the west coast so there must be two different RICK’s? If I’m wrong? Sorry!

That doesn’t mean anything. Just about every label that survived the transition era changed their logo multiple times. I’d be willing to bet that’s a true Rick from Rick Stoner’s factory.

When you see the professional looking lam on the RICK in my friends shop and compare it to the RICK lam I see in the Photo posted it makes me wonder it looks like a backyard job? Unless their were frying on ACID at the time?

Here’s a few scans of some Rick ads that were published during the year you began surfing (1970). Note the ad with 5 different boards and the various lams used.

Also, take a good look at the twinfin ad, and the close-up view of that lam. Looks exactly like the one on the board in question, to me.

What can I say? I’m a stupid KOOK!

Sammy: Your a ASTUTE Historian!

I’m only 50? I must have Alzheimer Disease all ready! I will go and have a physical next week and tell the doctor to scan my brain. Thanks for pointing out my mental or physical defect. Early treatment is the best prevention.

My memory failed me. I did see rick boards back in the day. I surfed mostly HB Pier or North Shore in the Seventies so Rick boards were not fresh on my mind. That was a South Bay Brand. Back in the day the South Bay Guys threw rocks so we stayed and surfed HB, Newport or Tressles or just zip down to Northern Baja. Why go North unless to surf North of Santa Barbara! The south bay had good waves it’s just the Locals were not friendy. Remember the POP crew! Scary Evil people. So everything North of Longbeach and South of Malibu was just not worth the rocks or the stolen radio or the slashed tires. Down south was more civilized. For me Hawaii was safer than LA. I guess I need to refresh my surf history of that area. Dale Velzy, Hal Jacobs, Greg Noll and many others came from that part of the country however back in the 50’s and 60’s the South Bay was the cool place to be in regards to board building. There still continues to be a lot of outstanding board builders in the area and many talented shapers have came out of the South Bay… A big part of surf history came out of the South Bay for sure. Rick Stoner was one of the great ones!

The same Lam is on the board in my friends shop (The cool one that say’s Custom). I seen the same ad in the mag back in the day. I should have know better?

My friends board is worth about $3,000. The Board that’s being restored in this post if done correctly may fetch $1500 or more?

What do I know?

Thanks for putting me in my place. It’s back under the bridge where I belong!



You’re just a kid.

Wait til you get to be my age. Brain farts and memory lapses are a daily occurence. I’m a few months shy of 60.

Sammy no wonder you are so well versed in your history!

You still getting out in the water?

I started in 63. Plus, I kept nearly every magazine and book about the subject since then.

I have always been a history buff, of sorts. So it all dovetails well with surf history.

What can I say? I’m a pack rat.

Yup. Had a few good days this week. Rare for June in the Northeast (US). It was actually worth taking out the 6’3 yesterday. This time of year it’s typically knee high tanker waves, if there’s anything at all.

The one major concession I’ve made to age is I won’t go out when the water is below 40, or the air below 30. Those days are over. Unfortunately, Winter is the most consistent time of year. I just can’t hack the cold anymore. Three Winters in Cal, and two in Hawaii spoiled me, I guess.

I purge all the time. All the vinyl records and surf mags I threw away? What was I thinking?

38 years of magines and LP’s all at the city dump. Plus all my Triple Crown Tee shirts?