really big guy board. help please

hey guys,

I'm in the same boat with slaszila. 

I need to make a board for a giant.

the dude is 2 meter  (6'7) , weigh 110kg (242lb) , foot size 50.  he's a good surfer , and want's me to make him

a 6'4  twin fin fish  on oldschool side of things.

I already have a design in mind but still looking after some input on what volume he needs so I can plan the board right.



Lee, I just posted on slashzilla's thread. That might give you some help. Mudybech gives you a good reference also.


I am 6'7" 275lbs and I built this board for myself. Go wider around the chest with low entry rocker. This board is 6'4" x 23 1/2" wide x 3" thick and it works. I can check other dimensions next time I'm in the shop if your like.

Many thanks for the help guys.

After seeing and reading what you posted I went to AKU Shaper , and resized my favorite fish to a 6'4x23x3.

the software says it has 52 litre while my original has 32L .

this should be plenty and will sure float the guy.

his weight/ my weight  --->      110/80=     137.5%

his board volume /  my board     52/32 =   162.5%

I think it's enough volume to start with and I will not be afraid to take more foam off the blank