Recent 50-50 project

Hey yall-merry christmas! Recently I was talking with Pete Casica and I believe he mentioned sharing some images of what I have been working on on swaylocks. Recently I had a guy ask for a hansen 50-50 reference. So I did a 9’8 19x24x17.5 refined a bit from its old school roots. Rolled bottom, 50/50 rail a bit thinner than the OG but still full enough to be of the noserider variety, thin foil, and  versatile rocker. 1"balsa with black glue. 2 layers of 7.5 volan on deck + deckpatch, 2 layers on bottom + finpatch. opaque white 10.25" glassed on fin. 1/4" white resin tail block. Gloss/Polished finish. Came out a beaut! Stoked to share it!  and thanks to Lowel who helped me locate a proper curve to get started with. 

Hope you all have a rad christmas!


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Looks great!  Nice and clean

That board is beatiful.

Well done, young man.     Well done.

 kinda was waiting for Mr. T. resident Hansen pro…


Brother you really nailed the 50/50!

I love all (except maybe the deck patch).

The outline #1

 Blank , sweet (Millenium?)

Tail block Retro but still cool.

Fin Classic Doyle!

A #1 “sonny”

Reminds me of an old school kid joke: wanna see a white horse caught in a snowstorm?

moral of story: dont photograph white surfboard with white deck patch and white tail block against a white wall :-)</ p>

thank you Bill! Much respect to you!

@mattwho thanks mate! doing my best over here! blank is from usblanks!

Thinking stringer as your’s reminded me of Millennium (nice wood), nice to know the “blokes” at US (my main stay) have nice balsa.

Those 2" balsa sticks Hansen, Weber and others used are tuff these days!

Carry on!

That spin template came off of a Doyle Proto-type that I owned for a # of years and was sold to Pancho’s Surf Shop in Pismo Beach in about 2002.  The board was an easy 9 out of 10 condition.  Purchased originally at a Seymour auction in the late 90’s.  Why I wound up with so many Hansens over the years;  I will never understand.  The old 747 fins had a Mahogany ply center.  Good job Nick.  Lowel

Hey Bill!  Wish I still had the board Nick’s template came off.  Would have loved for you to have seen it. Divorce sale.  Lowel