reclaming blanks from old boards

Hi, just striped the glass of on old board had laying around, glass came off pretty easy,apart from a few spots, were i pulled a chunk of foam out to. ant tips on taking the glass off, also, is there any way off patching the missing faom with foam not resin as i intend to reshape the blank.

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you can glue a new chunk of foam in if you like. I think I would shape the board as normal with the missing foam, then fill glue a piece in, [very neatly], then fine finish getting that glued in piece to level. If you glue a piece, or q cell it in first, it will be a PITA while shaping.

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i’ve got an old board but woild love to bring it back to life, its a good shape but been punished by the sun, all brown n stained .is it possible to re colour, may be respray on to the old glass and seal, with an other filler coat or gloss or acrylic ?

I have done at least 20 boards from old cores with various outcomes depending on the condition of the donor board and the width and thickness of the new shape.When I replace a section I try to make the patch a really tight fit so it can be shaped with the original core without bonding the patch. This way the surform, planner or sanding block does not hit a resin hard spot and create weird highspots that are a bitch to ever get blended right. In some cases like a rail fix I don't even bond the patch. On a deck or box area I bond after the shaping is complete being really careful to tape all interface surfaces so no resin gets on the core surface. Less is better in this case as its easier to fill a gap than to sand a resin/glass edge sticking above the shaped surface.Depending on the age of the donor the surface may be really soft so you will have to remove some thickness to get a decent laminate. The more you remove the softer it gets, so you may have to add plies to offset the core softness. If the new shape is thinner it really helps to saw/rout/sand off the old rail before you try to peel off the skins as the worse damage will be sections of old rail being plucked off. If you have fin box damage its best to replace the whole are around the finbox with new dense foam.

I find it very satisfying to recycle old boards to something new and shinny! Have fun.