Recognizing Talent - My New Hull

Last weekend after a short wait i had a wonderful treat waiting for me at Malibu, after being on the east coast for a conference all week…a new Point Concept Hull.

I will post pics on the hull pic threat later this week, but i just wanted to throw out a few things while they are on my mind.

I ordered a 6’3 modified velo template hull from Ryan, and it came out puuuurrrfect. Its been micro sized for most of us in So Cal but this morning before the wind hit (and work hit) i had a chance to take the thing out in good shoulder high stuff, and man what an experience. I have been shaping off and on since around high school (which was about 15 years ago) and i have not in those years amassed the amount of talent Ryan has in his little finger, the guy just has it…plain and simple, check out a board and you will be able to tell…how such a young man has such old skill i have no idea, but i do know i am very very jealous…

and to top it off i only had to wait a few weeks for the board…, and i get mobbed everywhere i go with it because im soo cool looking (mobbed by older men, not young hot chicks…work on that ryan…)