Recommended Hull Shapers?

Intrigued by the hull boards (Swaylocks had a lot to do with that) and I’m thinking of ordering a custom. I’m leaning toward Liddle because of the history, good website and reasonable shipping charge to the East Coast. Of course Anderson’s Bojorquez is in the running as well.

I’m not even put off by reading Rider of Waves posts in the ‘Hull Hazard’ thread… :wink:

Just like to hear your preference in a shaper of hulls from this list - build quality is as important to me as design. I was thinking of a 7’6" - 8’0" with stronger than normal lamination over poly, hopefully not at the expense of the all-important hull flex charcteristics.

  • Greg Liddle
  • Scott Anderson
  • Marc Andreini
  • Dennis Ryder
  • Brian Hilbers (Fineline Surfboards - Kirk Putnam, too??))
  • James Christie (Carrico Surfboards??)
  • Spence Kellogg (Paul Gross, too??)
  • Klaus Jones

I’m not sure if all the above even ship to the East Coast (which would eliminate those marques). Many do not have websites. Contacts would be appreciated.

Thanks for your opinions and advice.

Don’t know much but I did see a couple of Klaus’s boards in Mollusk a bit ago and they were so bladed out (rails at widepoint pinched to about diameter of my pinky finger) and the sides of the dome deck were cut pretty flat rather than more rounded so they looked like they would be twitchy hard to ride. Almost looked more like sylized artist interpretation of a hull for a museum rather than for wave riding. Maybe they were just meant for the absolutely perfect day at the perfect point with lots of skill on board the board?

I have one from Spencer Kellogg on order but I won’t have anything to compare it to except some San Diego versions I rode 30 years ago and maybe now I can sneak a ride on my buddies Anderson while I’m down that way. That is if there are even any ridable ripples…

that’s a good list.i know them all but one,and from what i’ve seen i wouldn’t call his boards hulls, though his templates look very similar to liddles(carrico). next would be shipping-if you want a really refined hull for your surf, talk with liddle as he will deliver a board to meet your needs…if you get an anderson or andreini shipped it will most likely be a stock board, not a true custom, and i don’t know if spence, klaus or dennis ship boards beyond california…

For the record, I ship boards…. East Coast, Gulf Coast, Hawaii…mid west even. Was asked about the UK but haven’t gotten there yet.


Bob Duncan - owner, designer, shaper of Wilderness Surfboards, Santa Barbara, CA

I knew a guy who had a large collection of Bob’s custom hulls aka Wilderness Stubbies. All shipped to Puerto Rico.

Thanks for the replies - oh yeah I forgot about Wilderness surfboards - you guys are not making this decision any easier. Any other opinions? Thanks.

Thanks for the replies - oh yeah I forgot about Wilderness surfboards - you guys are not making this decision any easier. Any other opinions? Thanks.

Well, how about one of each and give us a report?

That was helpful, genius. If you fund it I’ll be the test pilot…

well if you are looking for build quality there is no finer than kluas jones and his hulls are some of the best, You can’t go wrong with a liddle either

That was helpful, genius. If you fund it I'll be the test pilot....

Oooo, too much caffeine this morning? I was making a big fat joke. Surfers are notorious for being immature, esp early in the day

thanks for letting us know Dennis!

Surferguy80 is doing some pretty cool hulls lately, check out his latest. Look up his post with “called out” or “high tech hulls” in the title…pretty recent (couple weeks max)

Thanks guys for all the helpful posts and PM’s. (Sorry about my remark DrStrange - it came out sounding kind of sh#&ty).

I think its gonna be a Liddle but I would love to see a Klaus Jones - my mini poll puts him in 2nd place due to his supposed hyper-refined hulls - appears to be close to a Liddle in overall quality (maybe exceeds?).

Contact info for Klaus Jones?

Thanks again everyone

I seriously doubt that you surf within range of a wave that has the quality one of Klaus’ blades call for. Get a single fin M3P from Greg Liddle.


Don’t know if the two Klaus Jones hulls I saw were typical or out of his ordinary but they were, as I said, so radical as to look almost like semi-abstract art. Beautiful craftmanship for sure but no mercy/no compromise on the riding end.

If it is between the Liddle and the Anderson…Liddle is the veteran…Anderson newer at it …never seen him surf one either…Putnam does pools!!!