RECYCLE!: repair / rebuild / restore / re-shape - post pics here

Just thought it would be cool to have a dedicated photo thread for restorations, ding repairs, rebuilds, and new shapes from old boards. 

Before and afters would be especially cool, but just after if that's all you've got.  Even if they've been posted in other threads, be inspiring to see them all together.

Let's see 'em!



good idea Huck, heres my 90 hank warner that i have buckled twice and snapped once and rides nothing like it used to so now its my work bench

does this count

[img_assist|nid=1060908|title=work bench|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=275|height=186]

I just recycled an old board, today. About 20 years ago I was a lifeguard at our local town beaches. One day, I found a slightly banged up Crestwood on the beach. It was early a.m. and no one was around. I got the board off the beach and kept it by my car. I ran an ad in the local paper for two weeks (free lost and found listings). No one ever claimed it. So, I fixed all the dings and gave it a black and white epoxy spray paint job to cover the ugly bits. It is a 9’5" and weighs 29 lbs. It rides like crap. After storing it and moving it for too long, I decided to put it in the free “under $100” listings in the paper.

Sold it today for $100. it’s going to a local bar where it will be used as decor. They threw in a 6 pack of Pacifico. I think I got the good end of the deal.

Hide the snap/buckle with fabric


I love 80's boards...let's make a deal


...or maybe a PoorMan Compsand Delam Rattle can....there's a thread somewhere...


I have reshaped a bunch and fixed many snaps.

Good poormans hobby.

I esp. like these two from StingRay...

Lavarat - Frankenstick: two different boards?  Hilarious!  How did it ride?  Have we seen that one before?

SammyA - good story, hundred bucks and a 6-pack for an ugly salvaged beater after 20 years - awesome!

SDRepairman - nice shelf!  (Blue, are you taking note? hahaha)

hiya Huck !


great idea !


I hope LOTS of people contribute to this thread over time .....


  well, you've seen it before but , since you said it's okay to re-post old stuff ...


  here's just one of the 15 boards [ that I have done over the years ] ,as "strip and reshape jobs"  ... they were mostly old 1970s boards ['dungers'?] that I rode for a while , then decided to try to change to ride a bit better ... [ not always successfully , I must add ! But at least I DID have a bit of fun , mucking around with trying to get something different out of them , though !]


I hope this link works ?


 ...the making[s] of the "Bushfire Fish" , from an old twisted 1970s Hardy [from Margaret River ] kneeboard ....


   cheers mate !



...I hope this link works ?


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Here's a beast of a restoration I did.  It had something like 43 open dings, no nose, no tail.

The scratched up pictures are the before. The shiny ones are the after. Board was shaped by D Brewer, and glasses by J Revees

I added the pinlines...I thought it was a nice touch.










Yeah Resinhead

Bitchin nice



take these:


add a little lesft over construction grade pine, a bit of scrap school bench teak...

...and make into these:







Tow board? I mean, what are the screw holes for?

Anyway… RR could put that in his auction and sell it as “mint condition”.

Nice work

hi huck !


sorry there's a few pages to this one , and a few pics went missing in action ,


  but hopefully THIS link will work ? [it's not from facebook , and it's NOT the " bushfire fish" ]


  cheers mate !


    ben the butcher / recycler

yes, a LOT of photos were missing - here's a couple, 'tho, a before and after...


and ...


  before ...

[hardy kneeboard]


after ....

[ the 'bushfire fish' ]