ReCycled Board

Having some fun here with an old broken Surfboard Hawaii Longboard. A friend turned me on to a 8 ft piece he found in the trash.

After taking a router and cutting and taking a few passes on the rails and center, I stripped the glass with a pair of gloves and plyers. Came of real nice but the router bit is toast.

Reskined the surface and ended up with a 7ft workable piece. Doing research on the site I found several Fish template dimensions. I choose the 6-2 just for kicks and attacked the blank over the weekend. So here is the results:

Keith, I am getting better at my Fish butt cracks ha ha. The board finished off real nice and its time for some art. Anyone ever heard of the a Red Dragon Fish? In any case the dual stringers will provide a little challenge.


Guess the images did not take. Here they are.

wow what a find!!!

John… looks great man… my favorite board was made from a recycled longboard.

nice job man, I can never seem to find any broken boards in the trash anymore. It seemed like before I starting shaping my own boards there were boards in the trash every week, now nothing. I guess Ill just have to wait till winter then there should be some.

Nice job , Can’t wait to see pictures of the finished product.

Shipman keeps showing up at the beach with the fish he made from a broken longboard.

Maybe you guys are setting a trend here!

Have fun


Wait, there’s more! But no pics right now.

Have (mostly) shaped a longish fishie from a broken longboard here too. It is presently 7-0 x 22 but may drop in length a bit. I just sorta freehanded it out the other weekend from a broke biggie that, at one time, I was supposed to put back together. But the big board was not only broken, the deck was delaminated, etc., and a few years later, I hadn’t seen the owner, so have at it!

Dunno just what color to glass it, thinking of acid splash in some light blues and greens, maybe bottom only, with two fixed wood/glass keels.

You’ll have to post some pic’s for us when you get the time. Guess we are environmental friendly. :wink:

One thing that I did notice when shaping in the nose rocker that the foam does get rather soft in some areas. I would imagine that maybe some good S cloth to help with the strength might be in order.

Now comes the question of glassed on keel fins or some other solution. What size of keels are you looking at?