Recycling offal

Just realized that the thread on “Green Foam” from a few years ago that I just tried to revive is in the “Announcements” area, and probably won’t be seen there.

I’m in Santa Cruz / NorCal making more PU and EPS dust and blank offal than I feel good about just throwing in the garbage.

I’m good on the EPS chunks but am wondering if anybody has a tip for where to bring PU leftovers and EPS dust.  Recycling’s a big deal to me so if anybody has a tip on what to do with PU leftovers and EPS dust I can promise to take advantage of it.  I’m willing to drive a good distance to recycle, especially if it’s North of SC, since I have to go that way anyway from time to time.

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BTW, have been looking for this info for a while and have searched archives for this info.  “Green Foam” ( seems to be inactive since 2011, and though some posters hinted at knowing where to take PU leftovers (or EPS dust), nobody actually seems to have shown that there is somewhere to take it?

I put the question to the helpful guys at Stretch (thanks Gabe!), but of course they don’t really do PU there, and I’m still puzzled as to whether there’s an option for EPS dust.

Theres really not much for Poly. the greenfoam thing was cool but never really caught on I guess. 

Our trash people asked us not to bag the dust so it could sift through the rest of the trash at the landfill. instead of 20 bags on top I guess, its better that the contents could fill the voids in the rest of the waste.

They even went as far as to switch our dumpster to eliminate the windblown affect where our building is.

Ive always wondered if it could be mixed with the concrete base for foundations and stuff like that without comprimising the integrity much.

? maybe you could use it for a core for


surfboard fins  ?


  skateboard decks [combined with wood / carbon fibre , cloth , etc ] ?


multi-stringered recycled blanks  ?


boogers ?  [‘bodyboards’]


coffee tables / chairs , other furniture ?


tree house[s] ?

Sustainable Surf =

I had some groms cleaning my shaping room that was knee deep in foam dust. They shoveled it all in to the back of a pickup and hauled ass to the dump. When they got to the dump the truck was empty.

Add the poly foam dust to soil as a mulch.    I recall hearing, back in the day, that the foam dust was rich in nitrogen.     Anyone know for sure?

Don’t know the answer to that one.

I did find this, though, which if still in operation is an option for SoCal shapers: – it’s an oil spill clean-up company that uses poly foam dust to clean up spills.

Thanks for the link, Uncle Grumpy.  That company only takes EPS chunks (not dust, and no poly, and it’s not clear if they take surfboard remains or just packing materials).  There’s also this one for EPS chunks:  For whole boards there’s also  These have been covered in the past, but EPS dust and poly remains, dust and chunks, seem only to have the SoCal option (above), so far.

Still no industrial, commercial, non-profit NorCal destinations as yet for poly foam or dust or EPS dust.

One thing, though, about Spillinex that the articles I’m finding about it kind of comically overlook:  although it’s used to clean up oil spills (e.g. in the ocean, or at least it is tasked for that, whether or not it actually gets used for it), even if the dust is reused to clean up an oil spill it still goes to a landfill fairly soon after it’s donated to Spillinex.  Who knows if the product really gets used much.  BP didn’t apparently use anything similar in cleaning up the BP spill.  Anyway, still looking for a first source for recycling PU dust in NorCal, if not SoCal as well.

With thanks to the admin who moved it, just want to redirect responses to this older thread on this topic:

I’m still personally looking for a place to bring my PU cutaways and dust, and EPS dust, in the Santa Cruz area.  I know where to bring EPS cutaways, but PU and EPS dust are still unknowns.

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