Red-X fin repair?

I was riding my Merrick twin-finner which has Red-X fins. It is a superlight blank with the standard 4x4 top 4 oz bottom glass job. Your standard disposable board.

To make a very long story very short, I managed to bash the fin against a rock. It was a Red-X XT-1 fin. Now, the box is still in the board, and the fin is still attached to the box and everything. It looks relatively ok. But basically, when I hit the rock, the box was damaged. The resin around the box is a little cracked on the deck. I can tell that the box is in jeopardy of breaking out. Is there anything that I can do to repair the box before it breaks?

Can I put a little patch around the box? Should I just re-fill the cracked resin around the box with Q-cell/poly resin? Anything that I can do?

Tom@daum i hope you are able to help.

Oh, and if you guys need a picture of the damaged box, let me know.


Without seeing it, I can only guesstamate.

Without removal and/or replacement of the box ,I would inject a thinned out batch of lam resin in the cracks as best as possible(thin w/ styrene).Wiggle the fin and box around(a little) ,and add more resin at the same time.After that, set the box/fin to desired setting.After the resin has gone off,remove fin and sand lightly to even off the surfaces.You can patch over that or simpily hotcoat and sand.Keep in mind that the box goes thru the deck and this area should also be worked on in somewhat the same manner as the bottomside.Herb

Judging by the above post I should probably post a picture.

I will later today.