red-x repair

Hello, I was traded a fish’ish shortboard with broken FCS boxes. I want to install Red-x boxes in this board. Couple questions: Does the boards tail need to be a specific thickness to accept the Red-x box since the box is a through board application? Where can I buy Red-x box’s online? Any other “after glass” installation instructions or links greatly appreciated. If these questions sound ignorant, its because they are. Im new here, I did a search and found some helpful info on Red-x install. JC

JC Red-X can be installed as a replacement. However, it’s probably better to fix this board and have Red X put in a new board. There are a couple reasons. First, when FCS is installed correctly there are columns of resin that bond the plugs to the deck skin. The Red X boxes are smaller than that pattern and would consequently need to be installed overlapping the two. That means a significant amount of more resin to have accommodated both systems.Second, the person installing the system would trash a router bit cutting the FCS out of the board. The minimum tail thickness would be 3/4" and the max would be 2-1/8". So, it lends itself to a wide range of tail thickness. If you want installation instructions email me a fax number and I’ll send them to you. You can purchase whatever you need from Larry Block at 805-583-0057.

You can replace it with a red x system, but yea you gotta find out about that thickness. you can always sand down the red x box a lil after its set … to get the fcs plugs out i would cut out around the edges with a razor blade then if you have any broken fcs fins then set one in there and rip it out… it has worked for me many times repairing boards…