Refilling POSCA Pens

Check out this video by Joseph Tubb: This could save us a few bucks!

cool vid. thanks for sharing.


I’ve got quite a few empties laying around, i’ll have to give it a shot and see how it works.

If you wanna get refill stuff… get the Montana inks and pens, way better tips and tip variety and colors.  Better paints too.  If you want to refill the poscas the Nova Color paints work great as well.

…hello, few years ago I refilled them with China (India) Ink; that s better than what he does. Also these tricks only work with the thinner versions not with the thickers due to bleeding for the sides of the tip.


-As a side note, month ago or so I bought Poscas directly in Tokyo (they are Japanese). Each one of the thickers for about 250Y.

Water based, this stuff is the right viscosity so it flows well through the pen tips.

Golden is also making a  line of paints for paint pens as well as liquitex paints. 

Reverb, the India ink in an old dried out marker has worked well for me for years.

…yes, in thin ones worked good for me, but I prefered “rapido graph” types of markers; but now only use the thick Poscas to make some pinline or like that; not refill anymore.