reinforcing tail section and nose with carbon strips

Hello community, I have a brand new PU board but want to reinforce the nose and tail areas with carbon to prevent dings

is the best way basically to just cut out strips and then lightly glass over the carbon sections?

Eventually I would like to copy the shape and then shape a board to similiar dimensions and add carbon strips to the same areas before I glass it but for now just want something to hold up in case of accidential contact

Hello veriluxxx why not cover the whole brand new board with carbon strips to prevent dings all over.

Sorry the point I was trying to make is that I don’t think the carbon strips will give you the “protection” you are looking for. Imagine if you put a strip of steel over a sheet of tissue paper . . 

you might try some rail tape for SUP’s.

I’d just surf it and if you get a ding, repair it.  

Yeah I could imagine a $#!t san wish too.  Come on brother ;  your comparison is nonsense.

The rail tape suggested above is an easy to apply remedy.  Not as good as Carbon, but it does help keep down the dings.

just want some added reinforcements for the high impact areas, that wont be too much added weight