Relationship rocker to foil

put my new boards through the paces down here on the east coast. after correcting fin issues (they were too small) I found my new thick chunky flat board opened my mind to some new thoughts.


it catches waves unreal, and the next board I want to do will have exactly the same amount of foam. but it digs nose really easy. on dumpy waves I’m on the tail fighting to not pearl rather than surfing naturally. on slopey stuff its dreamy tho. haven’t hit top end speed yet.


question is, if I go with more rocker I should obviously thin  the nose more yeah?  how should I regain this float? more length? dome the board more?


I like how the tail has alot of push back on small wave turns. its slidey on bigger stuff, but its dedicated shortboard. keeps momentum unreal and it really skates well through tiny stuff. good local surfer was suprised when I skated through a micro section and he had to pull back.


also the flat rocker off the tail made the board more or less slide back an forth instead of pulling the nose up out of the air  when I was tacking it. not sure if I liked that or not. no kicktail like feel that you get on a modern thruster.


does this make sense? trying to move forward and work off what is working.


mahalo for any response



Check out this link.