Removable Fins: Fixed or Adjustable?

I am trying to decide between removable fin systems and from a rookie standpoint, an adjustable system such as Edge or Swivel (or Red-X) would seem to be the most desirable choice (desirable since they both remove and adjust). It seems thought that removable fins that do not adjust dominate installations. Is this trend price generated or do the adjustable types have downsides? Thanks, Herb Bean

i like glass on fins better my self,but if use the airport alot fin systems are better (no broken fins ) ET

Ed, I agree glassons are hard to beat, but I am trying to decide between a removable fin system that is adjustable, or a removable fin system that keeps the fin in a fixed position. Thanks, Herb Bean

Herb, stationary fin systems have been the norm for 45+ years! It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks but adjustable fin systems are the wave of the future. Fine tuning your surfboard to the conditions of the surf! or just finding that sweet spot that works best for you . Weather Red-x or Edge Fins having the ability to adjust is huge . any ?s on installation or anything else: , Have a great surf ! Clyde Rodgers

The only complaints I’ve heard about adjustables have been people who said they just did not want to have to think about how their fins were set. Which to me, just says they don’t like thinking in general.

…After the invent of twins and thrusters, glass-ons were it for me,nothing could be better(except getting your board from the airport baggage handler with the fins either wiped off or driven thru the deck)…Now Days…I haven’t had a glass-on board in several years thanks to Tom and Clyde.What both Tom and Clyde said in there previous posts is the truth,no matter how funny it sounds.Herb

Howzit Herb, Sounds like you’re ready for Clyde’s EDGE Fin system. They definitly work and have a proven track record in juicey waves ( Tahiti, Hawaii). Aloha, Kokua

Kokua, Yes, I would say the posts have solidified what I perceived. I surf in NJ and I am thinking adjustables are probably even just as or more applicable for the wide range of conditions experienced. Best regards, Herb Bean

I’ll second Kokua on the Edge system. I’ve had VERY good luck with those. I used a short FU box for the trailing fin. I could then move the back fin up and back and could swivel the fronts. Very versitile.

I haven’t tried the adjustable systems yet, mainly because of my lack of a router. But if your short on tools, or funds, or prefer to wade in instead of diving, FCS is the way to go, it really doesn’t get much easier. You can buy a hole saw for 7 bucks, if don’t have one already. The bore is nice, but not necessary. You don’t need the jigs – I made one, don’t use it. That’s it, drill some holes, stick in the plugs, line up your fins. There certainly may be superior systems out there, but FCS works just fine for the novice. Give it a shot, it’ll work for a board or two, and give you some experience dropping in plugs before you move onto something more advanced. Of course, if you’re eager to experiment with fin placements, I take it all back. I’d hate to stand in the way of good ole fashion experimentation.

…K., don’t tell anyone,but I’ve been using Clyde’s Edge fin system along with Tom and Dennis’ Red-X fin system.Both are execellent systems.The combination of the two is killer.Herb

Mahalo, Herb,Kokua,Loehr !!! For those others let me tell what you gain from an adjustable fin system . Edge Fins allows you to change the ( tow ) angle pointing at the nose or away, fins pointing at the nose gives the board more manuvarbility, fins running more parallel to the stringer gives the same board more drive ( control ). also the cicumfrence of the Edge plug make this a solid system . Red-x also adjustable, forward movement loosens the board and adjusting back toward the tail stiffens the ride . FCS, changing the fin template alters the performance! Brother John and I fell that adjusting the tow of the fins gives the surfer the most noticeable change in performance. ( Asymetrics ?? ) Mahalo for your attention and support, Have a great surf ! Clyde Rodgers