Removable nose section

I have this concept of nicking off for a surf over lunch this summer, I work in Sydney CBD and can get to Bondi in a few minutes by motor bike , so I want to be able to store the board under my desk and when the opportunity arrises nick off and get a few hours in. So the concept is to cut 2’6” off the nose and make it detachable, the two sections being easier to store under the desk and transport on the motor bike than a 6’6” board. Also this will allow me to fit the unit into the boot of my car, for those days that I drive in. The only way I can think of doing this to use dowles similar to fixing a broken board. Then using a clip, tie, or duct tape to hold the two ends together. I figure if I make the cut just above where I push to duck dive then I should be Ok for strength and not affect the flex of the board too much. Are there any thoughts of how this can be best done. I basically just want to have a nose section that clips on and off. I have seen the pope bisect so this is a similar concept, also I am not interested in body boarding until I prove this impracticle.