Removing Grip Tape

well i now know that the stuff is made to stay on permanently but does anyone have a tip on getting the stuff off.

Use a hair dryer and a putty knife. Do about 2" at a time and don’t get the deck too hot. Lift the tape with the knife and heat under it while you’re lifting. When you’ve got it all off, get the adhesive residue off with paint thinner/putty knife/rags. Then clean the area with a household cleaner like 409 to get any solvent residue off. Most grip tapes, traction pads, etc, have a layer of adhesive film (like double faced tape). If you just tear off the tape or pad, the film layer will remain and it’s hell to get off by itself. Hope this helps out.

I found out recently not to use any solvents to get the residue off, something about it ruins the finish on the board. Instead use a citrus based cleaner, Chief Firewater is really good at getting the stuff off. I found that the cleaner you get the board before you put it on, the easier it is to get off. It also depends on what brand pad it is, some use better glues than others, and the best glues are the ones that stay stuck after you apply and also will come off clean and easy, i.e. X-Trak. Had to throw that in there :wink: