Removing Old Paint From Hotcoat

I’m having troubles removing old paint from atop the hotcoat.  I believe it was painted with three layers and not sure what type of paint was used because it’s second-hand.

I already tried one paint remover but it didn’t seem to help.  

Using sand paper seemed to help a little but in the places with pressure dings, it doesn’t come out.

What can I use to quickly get rid of the rest?


Thanks. whitney

have you tried nitromors?... ive used it on a board that i used sparypaint on and lacquered. you put some on, let the paint bubble then either wipe away or go at it gently with a paint scraper.

no i haven’t.   is that found in the US cause I checked Home Depot’s website, and they didn’t carry it.

umm.... i get it here in ireland anyways...


its mad stuff though.. i eat my comb!

Try coarse steel wool. Wear gloves.

don53 ill look at the store later today.

deadshaper- thanks ill pick up some, no chemicals with it?


Home Depot sells Peel Away in the paint section, they sell 2 different strengths #1 in a white tub with red lid is the strongest will take off 32 layers of paint and burn your skin " I know I have used this to restore a church and a # 7 white tub with green lid that will not burn your skin, it is not as strong but ask the guy at the counter what you are going to use it on. It will not damage the fiberglass.  If you do use it follow the directions they are very simple and when you are done wipe down the board with vinegar and water it neutralizes the stripper.


What the heck are doing now WHITNEY!!!!!!

this is actually a serious question.

 i am resurrecting my first bought board !!!

for some reason i think its gonna be white.  

its off white.

maybe i can sell it on CL to some kook so I can shape another board!


Whitney: Please don't waste you time on that mess!

Come my the shop and I can give you a pre-cut blank for free.

You can use my templates if you would like to re-template.

I have a few pre-cuts you can choose from.

Make it easy on yourself!



thanks surfding!  

ill be calling you soon!!!

I get rid of spraypaitng on hotcoats with acetone, a scotchbrite pad, and a little elbow grease. rinse off with water after. works like a charm.