Removing Poor Ding Repair, Question About Scuff in Resin Color

Hey all, the rails of my board got a few scuff marks on them (not entirely sure how as I generally keep my boards fairly shipshape, store in bags etc but there you go) so I decided to ding repair just in case the glass was compromised. By ‘scuff’ I mean the resin color is scuffed there exposing the fiberglass weave, though it does not feel soft/exposed.

A couple almost-comical questions ensue:

  1. Do scuffs (eg, no visible shatter or crack, but scuff in the resin color revealing fiberglass texture) even need to be patched over?

  2. I used Ding-All and suffice it to say the repairs do not look/feel incredible (despite combo of guidance from the package and the Ding Repair Scriptures). Since I’m wondering if they were even necessary in the first place-- eg, the water tightness of the board may not even have been compromised-- what’s a good way to get these unattractive band-aids off? At places the cure is so brittle/poor that I’ve been able to pick lil pieces away; other patches seem more firmly attached.

Don’t wanna make things worse while trying to undo what may have been a kooky repair job in the first place- please advise! Thanks (& please note I do not have a power sander).

Since I can’t delete the original query, I’ll just state the obvious: razor blades are great!

And apparently the mysterious scuff marks aren’t my doing but rather a preexisting burn-through from the sanding job, as they’re sealed underneath the hot coat.

Sounds like you’ve got it figured out.