removing scratches from resin tinted board?

Greetings All,


Have a newbie question. I recently shaped a retro fish, and resin tinted it deep purple with black swirls.Heavy gloss coat, glassed on wooden keels, very cool.


Anyway, I made the mistake of surfing some fun, yet brutal, shorepound on this beautiful board. Now, as you can imagine I have some very unsightly and fairly deep white scratches on the bottom. I know, I shouldn't have gotten them in the first place....but it happens.


The board is still completely functional, it is just unsightly. I re-buffed the bottom using rubbing compound and polish, which worked great until I took it for another surf. Afterwards the scratches re-appeared. I'm sure on of you have experienced this. Is there any easy fix to make the "disappear" or should I just live with it?


Thanks as always for any advice.




I would try maybe some super glue. Sounds unorthodox, and is not the most “right” repair, but I know people use them for spider cracks and the like.

some resin mixed with styrene will git right down in there and take any hair line cracks away. hand sand and do a light gloss coat then buff. if the scratches are too deep for just some resin but the color is still in the glass take a little cab o sil and mix it with resin and put in on the the styene resin after it kicks. if its all the eay to the foam you have to color match your cabosil fill.