Removing spray paint from open weave deck!?

Removing car spray paint from an old board i have found. The deck patch however is open weave, like I have seen on a couple of boards of this era. Looks like it hasn,t been hot coated if you are not familiar.

How on earth am I going to remove the paint from this area? Any ideas? The rest of the board is straight forward as looks like the board wasn,t given a key before spraying.


You could always try acetone. Or, just sand it off and re-do the dry deck patch. 

Thats called a textured deck.In other words the hotcoat was squeegeed off before it cured. Try the acetone with a stiff scrub brush. If not get some paste paint stripper and try the same thing. between the two you should be able to get the paint off. After all of this the surface may feel tacky. You can rehotcoat or spray some clear acrylic. Some paint color residue may be there for good so do the best you can.

     I used to do a lot of textured decks. Saved some weight and held wax but not super strong.