Repair Prices

Ding repair, I’m getting a lot of request from surf shops looking for someone to do repairs for them, what are fair prices to charge for the average 2-3" cracks in the rails, 1-2" deck holes, nose and tail cracks, etc . I don’t want to turn the shops off by being too high but at the same time I don’t want to just give my time and materials away either. Any input?

You will find that no one wants to pay very much for repairs. I do repairs for a couple of shops and to me it’s worth it. I’ll get 20 or more repairs a lot of times and for the time it takes me to repair them, it’s worth it. I might spend 20 minutes on a repair that’s $45. Where else you gonna make that kind of money. Use sun cure. It will save you a lot of time. To keep any boards from coming back due to bad repair, cloth most everything you repair.

I charge roughly 17$ per square inch for ding repairs. That just about makes it worth the time.

I copy/pasted this price list and generally pass it on to my customers as a guide. I can usually get the price below those stated. A shop in Ventura keeps an old board on the wall with various types of damage - broken fins, shatters, open dings, buckles, etc with a price marked next to each if were to be repaired. A good tip is to have the customer clean the wax, remove the leash and clearly mark each and every ding he or she wants repaired. That way there are no surprises if you get ambitious and uncover some hidden damage, fix it and then they don’t want to pay. These are retail prices but IMO, the old days of “10 bucks per ding” are long gone. To do it right takes time, effort and materials which ain’t cheap these days. Ding Repair Prices 1 square in. $20 2 square in. $25 3 square in. $30 4 square in. $35 5-6 square in. $40 Color Match - $10 and up Broken fin $40 Buckled nose $40-60 Buckled in middle $60-80 Broken in middle $80-100 6" Delamination $40 12" Delamination $60 12" Delamination $60 Replace fin box $50 Replace leash cup $30 Replace FCS plug $30 Prices subject to change ($20 minimum charge) EPOXY 1 square in. $30 2 square in. $35 3 square in. $40 4 square in. $45 5-6 square in. $50