Repair question

I just got a used epoxy board. The board had a paint job and I stripped it with standard paint stripper. I used this product on a polyester board and it worked perfectly with no issues. However, this time with the epoxy board its almost as if the epoxy hotcoat came off. The epoxy just barely came off and exposed the weave. Should I put a hot coat on it or what should i do? Its literally a 12x12 section that just has this hotcoat delam or decomposition. I’ve pressed against it to see if it was weaker than the surrounding area and doesn’t appear so, I think just a minor layer of the coat came off. Thanks!

No pictures?  Always easier to picture the topic when there are pictures.

(BTW, if you have exposed the weave, then likely your epoxy board is also a “fiberglass board”, just saying.)  Sounds like a GSI - type China board, because a standard epoxy resin glass job doesn’t come off with paint remover.  I suggest you just spray some epoxy rattle can paint from Lowes over the stripped area, and go surfing.  BTW, I’ve given you an up-vote point, hopefully others will follow suit, and in short order you’ll have your 15, and be able to respond in a thread.

OK, thanks for adding the pics, that helps.  An overall shot of the board would be helpful too.  Why did you take paint thinner to this board?  What is the label?

At any rate, from looking at the picture, it looks like you could clean it up (if you use sandpaper, be careful not to sand into the weave) and apply a coat, or if needed a couple coats of epoxy resin with white pigment.  Then sand and polish, again, avoiding hitting the weave.  I don’t think you’ll ever get an “invisible” repair, but blend it the best you can.  Might consider coming back after its all done, and maybe feather some white epoxy paint, or possibly even a full coat over the top.  I did this with a GSI longboard that I repaired, and it worked well.


Not this, again!!!

Your "epoxy board " was made with fiberglass. There is no such thing as an epoxy board or a fiberglass board. Surfboards are made with foam, fiberglass and resin. The type of foam and resin can vary, but damn near all of them are made with fiberglass.  See that weave on your “epoxy board”? Guess what that is?


I think he knows fellas.