Repairing an XTR/Epoxy Surfboard

We are currently doing a major repair on a surfboard constructed with XTR foam and Epoxy resin. Snapped and de-lamed. This board is a joint project between myself and another Swaylock’s member. We already put the pieces back together and will soon be glassing the repair.

We have the materials and the skills…

We are not interested in bashing this type of construction…

Has any one out there repaired an XTR board ?

My glass job is going to cover aprox 50% of the Thermovents. Might be a problem…

I just read through some stuff at Very interesting

Thanks for your input


morning stingray, i did one. i glassed hotcoated normal and after finishing i heated needle and pushed through the glass appr. where the holes where before.



Hi Stingray,

I only shape XPS, I found out that glassing with little resin gives enough pinholes to act as thermovents.

The word thermovent is wrong, because they are to let the blowing gasses out that come free when bublles in the foam break.

They are under pressure, so when more bubbles break there comes a big pressurized air bubble. This can go out of control when it’s hot.

This air should be able to get out.

I assume the vents are in the deck, I’ve never seen a XTR.

The trick with the needle(s) might work, heating the board just after lamming too.

No hotcoat in the vent area! The foam is water tight.

Good luck, Soul