replicating resin swirls .....

May sound like “blasphemy” to the purists* here , but I was wondering , if you get a really nice resin swirl that you’d like to reproduce …is there any way of doing that

[*I realise the beauty is in the "one-off " nature of them , but…]

I was thinking along the lines of the ol’ Rorscharch test [ink-blot type thing ]…do the swirl on some wax paper or similar , then transfer to several waiting blanks ? [yes , on the FOAM]

…Good idea , or not ?

Anyone done this successfully ? […Anyone want to TRY it ?]

cheers !


You blasphemer!!! The wax paper might work but may fade as you run dowm the production line of surfboards. I’ve just ordered three more blanks so maybe i’ll give it a go.

2 minimals and going to make a twin fin fish style kiteboard using future fins this time probably with another resin swirl job on it.

Just mix the same amount of colored resins, pour them together in the same way, stir it the same way, pour onto blank in the same pattern, let flow the same time and squeegee off excess the same way. Simple!



thanks mate , piece of cake , eh ?

Just as easy as shaping two identical boards …