Malt beverage anyone?:confused:

To each his own. I like my beer to taste GOOD when I’m pulling a few.  Malts are good just to catch a buzz. Taste like mule piss.  Not that I have ever tried mule piss… Might taste better tho. Mike




Hi Captain! My go to beer is “pbr’s” pabst blue ribbon. But lately I got a few tecates and modelo beers.

The malt beverages I get have been whatever looks good at the time,!?!?

Talking about beer, I think I’m heading out to grab a couple!:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer St Pauli Girl.

I’m grabbing a Lagunitas IPA and up to the Rat Turd Lab to laminate right now.  That was funny sharkcountry. mike



i’m not a beer guy at all… mostly 'cause i don’t like to feel slow the next day…

if i was a beer guy, i would own stock in Guiness. yum yum

Chrisp, When you get a little bit older you’ll feel slow the next day whether you drink beer or not. Might as well… Yes on the Guiness.  Mike

my favorite beer is gin.