[REQ] Probox Boxes in the UK

D’ya know where I can get 'em over here?

I’m near San Diego, California. I deal direct with Larry over the telephone. (310) 530-1383. Leave a message ,he will call back.

I have friends in the area that have always worked with Robin via e-mail. Robin@proboxfinsystems.com or Handshaper on Swaylocks.

Greenlight and FoamEZ ship international.

Get some friends together and split the shipping costs…Bump the thread every few days…

gadget, im in uk and have ordered probox on a number of occasions. where bouts are you? i need to put another order in with Larry so let me know what your after and ill get it shipped with my stuff so we can share shipping costs.


hey - not sure where you are in the UK but I’m flying into London tonight (arriving 6/12). I just got a bunch of new ones and could easily bring you some proboxes in my luggage ? any particular cant angle you want? I’m staying at the Commodore hotel and will be there till the 17th…

PS I posted a note in the “hookups” section but hardly anybody looks there - if any of you UK guys want to meet up for a beer let me know.

Hey gadgetuk,

We ship ProBox to the UK and Europe regularly. International shipping starts at about $15 USD. We have quantity discounts on ProBoxes if you want to offset the shipping cost.

Shoot me a PM or email info@greenlightsurfsupply.com to see what we can do for you



Hi Gadgetuk,

Like StringRay said we ship internationally. We either use FedEx (expensive) or USPS to get our stuff over your way. Feel free to send us an email or shoot us a call to get a quote. We have everything in stock and in most cases ship out same day. Have you tried SeaBase? They stock allot of things for board building but I don’t know if they have Probox.

Good luck.


Damnandblast… curse my tardyness! I guess you are in the air, or in a departure lounge by now… harrumph!

I was after four boxes with red (4 degree) inserts. Ahh, well.

I live on the north end of the Devon/Cornwall border BTW

Hmm oddly enough I packed a set of four boxes in my bag. Am supposed to meet up with another UK swaylocker for a pint or two, maybe I can leave them with him if you aren’t headed into London this week…