Request for advice and comments on board design

I am seeking advice and comments on the possibility of modifying a board design that is not even close to the design on which a contractual agreement was made. I am still paying off the board and have yet to hear back from the owner of the surf shop. The board design agreed upon in the first place is an abstract one. Whereas the design actually delivered has 5 yellow sperm with little faces on it. It’s like a nightmare of a joke. These designs can be seen by following the link below. What can I do?( I can not merely live with it as this is an expensive item to hide and never use; and I want a longboard that I can use and of which I would not be ashamed. My first thought was to spray paint the deck, but this will make the board look like $#!+ and I wanted a nice clean shiny board.) Thanks.

I guess you have 4 options. You could repaint the board, but if you do you might as well shoot yourself, since it would make the board look awful like you said. You could just turn and sell it to someone who likes the design. You could live with it, they didnt look that much like sperm in the pic, but it was small so I couldnt tell that much. Or you could ask for your money back. If you agreed upon a design, then thats what you should get. Anyone who changes a design should know that the person may not want the board after seeing the new design, and the shaper should have thought about that. But make sure you said “I want my board to look like this,” and not “I dunno, maybe something like that would be kinda cool.” If you were vague in your description of what you wanted, you may not be able to blame him. But otherwise, you deserve what you asked for. Good luck resolving that. -jeff

Thanks Jeffrey for your advice. I told the shop owner through whom I purchased the board that I wanted the custom designed just as the Yater in the picture. Thankfully the shop owner was reasonable and decided to let me get the Yater, though it is a single-fin. It’s still beautiful and much more bearable than the sperm board design.

hey tarantula- if you are proficient with taping, may i suggest you tape off around the pin line and over it(to protect it) and logos, and paint over with a similar red. providided, you must sand the deck free of any gloss, tape and then paint and re-gloss- if the board is a sanded finish- and the paint is under the glass, tape off over everything i mentioned above, spray with red and let it dry.spray the red once it has dried, with an acrylic that will sort of protect your new paint job. wax up and go surf- hope that helps