Resin Airbrush combo

My dad came up with an idea while watching a hotrod show on how to do “Ghost Skulls” check it out. The airbrush was painted then over top we did a tint swirl.

Austin S.

as the germans would say… fukëngrúven

That is a piece of art austin! Excellence breeds envy and man I and ENVIOUS of that glass job. I wouldn’t have thought the artwork would show up so well through the tinted glass job. Is it because the paint seals the foam from absorbing color, or did you just not mix the resin with too much pigment?

hey skeletor,

With this glass job we just hardly used any pigment to tint it. I am not too sure about if paint would seal the foam from the resin tint as this is the first time i have used a combo. Hope that helps.

Austin S.

That is bad ass. Sorry but I’m definately goign to jack this idea… lol looks sick bro keep it up

I hate to be a biter of style, but with a nickname like skeletor how can i not try and imitate that glass job