resin amounts for longboard

I’ve made three boards so far, a 6’8, 7’0, and a 7’2. On those boards I’ve been getting away with 1/2 qt lam bottom and 1 qt lam top. Hotcoating is about 1/2 qt per side. I’m thinking about making a 9’0 longboard next. What are typical amounts of resin used to lam and hotcoat a board of this size. Looking at going 6 x 6/4 or 6/6 on the glassing schedule.

Thanx everyone!

9ft board your going to use about a qt of resin per side. A quart is probably a bit too much but if your not so hot at wetting out the rails, you’ll wish you had the extra resin. If your doing a resin tint, swirl of something like that your going to need to use a bit more.

It’s just best to go and buy a gal. of lam resin and a gal. of surfacing. Throw some UV dust in it and go to town. I can usually get 4, 8ft boards out of a gal of surfacing resin, and 2, 8ft boards out of a gal of lam resin. but the lams are usually resin tints with multiple colors with a lot of resin waste.