Resin and the windows of perception

Ohh man, I thought it was a fluke… or maybe its just me, but when I am glassing all day long, I have the wierdest, most obscure memories jump into my mind. If I’m away from the shop it does not happen but when glassing a few boards I remember things in detail I forgot long ago. People, places and things from my childhood and pre experimentation days. Any of you other guys experience this? I know, I know time to change the filters in the mask, time to lay of the mota , etc. Please tell me some of you have experienced this phenomenom!



And a board to keep the thread interesting

The scientific name for this is a “Styrene Haze”.

Well, maybe not scientific.

You need more ventilation my friend.

This is the leading cause of “Old Grumpy Laminator” syndrome.

It does make for some bitchin’ opaque color work apparently.

Ah, the smell of a hot batch…

Take care of your brain…your work just keeps getting better…stoked!

Thanks guys, I could def use better ventilation. Too bad, I kinda like the effects of styrene haze!

some new visions

donation board for fire dept

stock and custom shapes by Ed Barbera

epoxy compost build


I would ride my motorbike home 20km after a laminating day, pull in the driveway and not remember the ride home! Bit scary… I don’t use poly any more…

Nice boards!

I have had that phenomenon my whole life, less so now that I’m near 60.

Vivid memories just pop into my consciousness of moments long ago, like snapshots, complete with sounds, smells, everything in that moment, completely unrelated to anything I’m doing at the time.  Then, a moment later they’re gone, and I’m fully back into the present.  Have no idea why or what triggers it, I don’t glass with polyester resin, and its not related to glassing boards anyway.

I still love the smell of polyester resin.

GREAT to see you back here , mate !


  if nothing else , the resin makes you post boards sideways ?

Huck it seems we are birds of a feather… now if I could leave the house without forgetting my stupid car keys.

-Hey ben, Never left I just haven’t been posting much…that stupid smart phone is messing with me, How do you correct that with the iphone? Maybe not transfer photos at “actual size”… I dunno.

no idea , i’m too dumb for a smart phone .

go to the pic hit “edit” bottom middle hit the rotate button on bottom left (box with the angled arrow in the corner) till upright then save

(top right) and you’re done. Then upload

“I remember things in detail I forgot long ago. People, places and things from my childhood and pre experimentation days.”

remember when they warned everyone to stay away from the blue acid? Well…lol

nice work, mate, and have always liked Ed’s shapes.


Thank you,

   Ed will appreciate that as well. I ll pass it on.