resin color problems

hey, this is my first time doing colored resin and i knew it wasnt ging ot turn out perfect. i mixed up some dark red and it looked fine but when i started laminating the resin came out dark pink. im thinking it didnt have enough color? to fix this would i use some colored lam. resin after the hotcoat or could i use gloss resin so it doesnt add a lot of extra weight? the board doesnt look too bad but kind of girly. Thanks guys

its hard to get color even on a hotcoat…and why put lam on top of hotcoat…you can color the hotcoat but is gonna look a little weird…i had the same thing happen with red ,it looked very dark in the bucket, like blood,but when it hit the foam it lookes a little pink…the best thing to do is have a piece of scrap foam…and just keep testing on that till the colors right(no need for hardner)…next time anyway…i then you wont be suprised the colors different…

Your screwed if you want a darker color. Once it hits the foam it’s over. Next time you mix up a batch of color and you think is dark enough, put in twice that amount. If your looking to do a dark tint, let’s say Blood Red or Dark Blue, get some opaque colorant and add that color to the tint, but just a smidge. If I’m doing a nice Royal Blue tint I’ll add about almost 1 1/2 oz of tint to a quart. If your buying those little squeeze dropper bottles of tint, thats about 4 little ones or 2 of the bigger ones, you’d be shocked how much tint it takes to get a really vibrant color.

Tints have changed over the years. I’ve got some tints that were from the early 70’s, Emerald Greens, Violets, Turquoise etc. All it takes to make a batch of that is about 1/2 oz per qt. With all the EPA stuff, it’s beter for the environment but it’s hard to get good colors, and the tint nowadays will fade in a few months.

If you add color to the hot coat your just asking for trouble, unless you are a really,really good sander. Best bet is to finish the board as is, and if you want to cover the pink, you can tape off a colored panel and lay some hotcoat with a opaque, pin line it and it looks like a cool retro 60’s color job. Or you can re color spray the entire pink portion and hot coat over that.

With tint colors:Next time test the color on a piece of paper, of dip a chunk of masking tape in it. If you can see through it, it’s prpbably not dark enough…that is if your looking for a dark color job.


after i hot coat as usual could i mix some lam resin with the right color or would that be adding a lot of extra weight? thanks for your help

Hey Jay,

First of all, thanks for helping me shape my fish. It looks great! I’m in the middle of glassing it right now and I also used pigment for the bottom of my board. After laminating the glass on the bottom, the resin left streaks on the board (just uneven buildup of resin, like puddles). I was thinking of brushing on the hotcoat using a pigmented hotcoat of the same color to even out the streaking and then sanding it. Are you saying I shouldn’t do this because when I sand it it will look aweful? should I just brush another coat of pigmented lam resin to get rid of the puddles and then hot coat clear? Let me know what you think before I continue. Once again, thanks for your help.


Hey Rio,

That’s the tricky part about tints, if you don’t get even presure with the squeegee along the entire board, or if you leave slight puddles in the concaves your going to get blotchy color. The darker the color the harder it is to get even color. The lighter the color the easier. Yellow tint = best first time color.

If you used pigments then you can add the color to the hot coat. Just color hot coat and sand as usual no problem.

The next board will even turn out better.

Nobody makes just one board.


Heehee…thanks man,

I know. Everytime I screw up I think, hmm that’s one thing i’ll have to pay attention to the next time around. I was using one of those super flexible squeegees. I should use the stiffer ones next time for pigments. Anyhoo…I’m gonna lay the hot coat right now. this damned weather keeps slowing me down.