resin disc breakrhrough

you know those hard resin discs get clogged and

they dont work.


well those crepe rubber blocks that clean em are expensivwe

like 7 bux.

well the hard ware dont carry them now for about a year and my disposal rate has doubled.


today I tried an alternative ,I have in the past have tried thalco squeegies,wood end grain

wire brushes etc to  no avail…

well this morning while grinding half dried titebond two

that clooggggeeeddd my next to last 8o grit disc

I went to the floor and picked up a strap free discarded old navy

rubber slipper sole and to my delight and suprise

the disc was cleaned to new sparkling condition.


thank you and goodnight.




try useing another piece of sand paper

kinda rub them together

Do you think an old spare tire would work?

sand paper dulls the grit on the pad.


sand paper dont woik

not yet tried a tire.




how bout tweezers and a geezer?


We use to use the old crep soles from shoes.  Espadrils come to mind.  They are rubbery and have bumps on them. I haven’t seen them in years so try garage sales and flea markets.  The shoes date back to the 70’s and 80’s

been that done there

twweeeezers come before

freezers and chizel Mc Kenzie.

obligado courses in the ciriculum

crepe as on desert boots,

espadrilles I saw had manilla hemp or

sisal soles.


I heard that old hosepipe works wonders!!

I use the crepe rubber bars and pads for cleaning  my sanding drums and discs. but when they really get gummed up I spray them with easy off oven cleaner and let them soak for a couple hours then scrub them with a brass brush and rinse them off with the water hose. Get about 10 times the use out of them.

When I can't find my rubber belt cleaner, I can get at least some of the clog off by sanding on the end grain of a wide-grain wood that doesn't have a lot of resin in it, like newer fir. I've also tried hard-natural bristle scrub brushes, short bristles, and that has worked a little, got the worst of the resinous stuff from sanding old-growth yellow pine off . Nylon or other synthetic bristles melt and make it even worse.

Meanwhile, try asking at Kapaa Ace Hardware for the Ace 13795 Abrasive Belt Cleaning Stick . It's a standard Ace Hardware product, if they don't stock it they should be able to get it in fairly quick.

hope that's of use


thanx doc.

o.G. the easy off sounds science.

Hoooooose pipe I got lots…


Soak 'em in lacquer thinner for a bit and thin wire brush.  Been gettin' the gum out that way for many years.  I do the same thing with 3M "Diskits" but soaked in acetone.

Just saw a pair of Clark Desert Boots today that had the crepe soles.

i use the guts of old silicon tubes, you know the ones that fit into skeleton guns. The exterior frame sealent works very well .

western , thats a good one. Im going to give that a try !