Resin draining into fin plugs

So I’ve made 3 boards and I used the FCS fin plugs on all of them…the first 2 set perfectly…but this 3rd board is flippin cursed…the resin keeps draining into the fin plug holes and spreading throughout the deck of the board! Does anyone know how to fix this!? I was thinking about using epoxy putty…the resin I am currently using is the CE 2000 epoxy! Someone help before i lose my mind!

I’m guessing you have an eps blank. Sounds like the epoxy is getting too hot and melting the foam. If that’s the case I’d recommend removing the plugs and filling the hole with epoxy mixed with lots of q cell. Pour it in stages so it doesn’t get hot again, sand recut holes for plugs then re set fins with epoxy, again with filler added and again you need to do a little at a time. Try three separate pours to bring it up to level. I’ve heard some guys use I’ve packs strapped under the plug area to sink the heat out but with 3 shallow pours the heat won’t build up too much. Cheers rich

Install preglass with fiberglass patch. Pay attention to taping off with final coat of resin. Use milled fibers mixed in resin with initial placement.

For me CE2000 gets too hot for a one shot fill with EPS really. Use Kwik Kick, or several small fills with CE2000. The greater the mass of epoxy in one lump going off, the bigger the exotherm. I’ve melted EPS with just a small amount. Wet flannel on the deck also helps as heat sink.