resin/finbox heat

when grinding down a fin box or plugs,which would get hotter the fastest, the resin surrounding the box or the box itself??? i have been having problems with my fin boxes. it seems to separate after grinding down, leaving a tiny gap. i made my fin box template a little larger than normal. i wanted a nice solid base around the box. i think this might be my problem,too much resin = too much heat??? the heat makes the box contract???any input?

I have used a wet or damp towel with cold water on it and stopped grinding when I feel it getting warm ,then cool the area down with the damp towel

you should make a router jig. it doesn’t get hot at all and then you can hit the real close stuff with a low grit sanpaper. Austin S.

Austin, I am going to try the router. Ground a little too far on somw FCS plugs and some of the marks didn’t sand out. What bit do you use? I have several different size “square cut”. A 3/4" should work fine. Do you make several passes increasing the depth or just cut away on the first pass?? FCS usually leaves about 1/8" of material to remove. Sounds fast and accurate…that’s what I want not to mention cooler. MLC

i just go one blast. takes about 20-30 seconds for a finbox about the same for a set of fcs. i leave less than 1/8 inch. i have it set so i can go almost flush. probably within 1/16 of an inch. it gets tricky with double concave boards and belly bottoms etc. just measure twice, rip once. i dont know what bit i use. its just one i stole from my pops. haha. Austin S oh wait i do know its a carbide tip and it cost 14 bucks if that helps.

if you want i could snap a pic of my router set up and email it to you. Austin S.

Austin, Sure if it’s not too much trouble. Picture’s worth a thousand words… Thanks! MIke

so, no results yet…too much resin getting too hot, making the box expand and then separating???

you are either kicking the resin off too hot or sanding it with too fine of a grit and heating it up. Austin S.

Sorry Teddy, You might have too much resin along side the box. Once it heats up and expands it could be pulling back some when it cools. Kick it slower, Make a smaller template and when sanding use a coarse grit and go slow…move around also so as not to heat up any one spot too much. I use 50 grit on a 5" wheel but I am going to try the router since I have one. Are you putting wax in the resin?? Kokua has posted to use lam resin for a better bond.MLC

oooh, using a router to take down the box…that’s a great idea. i thought Austin was referring to cutting out the foam. thanks for the tip Austin,do the blades go dull fast, and does it cut pretty smooth.???..

cuts through it like butter and very smooth if you have a smooth hand. ive been using the same blade for about a year at 10+ boards a month and im gonna change it soon.

just a basic straight bit? could you send me ur setup…what a great guy…thanks austin

sure teddy, email sent.