resin in FCS set screw

OK, the worst (sort of) has happened: I’ve got catalised resin in the set screw hole in a FCS plug - any ideas other than the time-consuming drilling-out with a small diameter drill?



you can try a dental pick and pick it out. or just find a 10-32 tap. I believe that’s what FCS uses. I read thier install instructions today…unless your’s is metric.

drill a hole of appropriate size in the resin, stuff a torx bit in it hard and turn it backwards. Not exactly an easy-out, but close. Worst case is you bust the resin droplets and have to clean it out some, best case is it comes out clean, unless of course you go nuts hammering in the torx bit and bust the plug.

hope that’s of use


If the resin is fairly fresh (1 or 2 days) and IF you can create some sort of dam around the area, then you can pour acetone on it. After about thirty minutes you should be able to pick out the offending resin with a pin. That’s how we do it…

Once you get it out, put a drop of oil on the screw and run it all the way thru the hole until you can see it from the fin slot. The screw will re-tap the threads in the plastic. What I do to avoid this problem is to make masking disks. Get a compass with a blade (craft store), put some 2" masking tape on wax paper and cut them out. Peel off the wax paper backing when you need them. Works for leash plugs also.